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March 06, 2014

some indoor gardening

I did some indoor gardening today; just a few minimal interventions, like throwing away a dried up lavender bush and reuse the soil for repotting some small cacti
there will be a sequel soon!

the cushion below is for sale at Atelier Solarshop
however, I forgot to take a picture from the front, too bad actually :(

July 02, 2013


I have a few shoots of a monstera to take root, and they root very quickly! I made these pictures mid june, just after I had put the shoots in a vase, and now, two weeks later they have already strong roots, even the pathetic tiny leaf in the water glass :)
They all get a pot with soil this week.

June 18, 2013

diary of a cactus

I'm the owner of a cactus that only grows in height and never makes lateral shoots; at times he grows too tall and breaks off and everything starts again from scratch; a Sisyphus story, as it were,

I chopped my beloved cactus in three pieces; the other two parts also come in the pot, but I've read - in my favorite cactus book - that it is better for them to dry for a while...

... so there will be a sequel soon :)
october 10, 2011
september 21, 2012

new mobiles!

May 27, 2013

the agave

I worked a bit in the 'garden' this past weekend; the agave needed another jar, so this was the perfect moment to put the shoots in separate pots. I wonder if they're going to survive, cause I've removed the greater part of their huge roots. We'll see
The piece of cardboard below is a tribute to the very windy, cold en wet month of May,
However, it was warm & sunny today :^)

Crassula Pyramidalis, from my favorite seventies cactus book


May 23, 2013

then and now

it's nice to go in time every now and then to see how the plants have evolved; especially with cacti and succulents I always have the feeling that there's really no movement in their growth...
but that is not true!
The photo above was taken in April 2012; I just had bought a sedum, but it ended between the bicycle weel during my trip home from the flower shop

... the ugly duckling today :)

October 09, 2012

Some pictures of last summer.

I took another dive in my archive,  these are all pictures of last summer. Soon my livingroom will be transformed again in a jungle, a considerably expanded jungle, oh my! :^)
the strelitzia in the first pic has been outside  all summer, so it has grown a lot but I waited in vain for the flowers that wouln't come, maybe next summer :^)

Remember 'poes'?
love this summer house
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams

July 12, 2012

Slow down.

Have you ever heard of the Chelsea chop?
Well, I've read about it in my favorite garden book 'The thrifty gardener' by Alys Fowler; actually it was not really a Chelsea chop, because it is usually carried out at the end of May, coïnciding with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show; but the result is as drastic!
By the way, the chopped plant was a sage.
got some fresh vegetables from a friend and the sweet peas are in bloom, they spread a wonderfull fragrance;
in the evening, dinner with a friend;
in short, it was a very relaxing day today :^)

June 08, 2012

About basil.

 The plants on the terrace got a real boost, despite the bad weather
from last week; many of them started blooming and the Fatsia Japonica
has doubled in size since early April!
But actually I wanted to show you the basil trick I've learned from
a friend...

 you've probably experienced that when you've bought a nice bunch
of basil at the greengrocer, the plant dies after some time, even
when you've put him in a larger pot; that is because to many seedlings
are put together and have no place to grow, and you will damage the
sprouts by tearing them apart,

squeeze a few tips before you eat it all and put them in water,
they start rooting after a week or two and then you can plant them
in the soil, and that's it,
only have to wait for the plant to grow :)
I usually put 3 in one pot.

Have a nice weekend!

April 22, 2012

A day in April.

Today was just another typical April day, cloudy with occasional
sun or a downpoor, so I gardened between the showers,
with a big mess as a result.
I like gardening, especially when it gets very dirty,
that's part of the fun :^)

Hope you had a nice Sunday too :^)

March 08, 2012

My garden.

I have not really started gardening, only stuffed some succulents
in the holes of the terrace wall, I think they are cute, but
I'm not sure they will thrive that way, so I'm keeping some in a pot,
just to be sure :)

The Papyrus is rooting & sprouting, yay :^)
Good night & Sweet dreams!