July 06, 2010

Camera obscura.

Funny tiny lightspots appear all over the
place on sunny days; I once have read in a
sciencebook for children that these bright discs are
formed by little holes in the leafage of a tree for example,
and that they're in fact projections of the sun; so, after
I was intoduced by this phenomenon, I started to
search for these spots everytime I had a walk in the woods,
however, to my regret, I have never met any on my
expeditions :-)
Now they come popping up with hundreds in my
appartment, thanks to my Wisteria, who acts, when the
sun is shining as a camera obscura.
I was working on some kind of smyrna-sun too this weekend,
with coloured solar spots , and if you look closer you can see
an unexpected protuberance too :-)

Illustration by Rob Marcelis.
The word in the middle means 'pyjama party'

Tomorrow sunny again,
Sleep well :-)


  1. love looking at these - especially on the wall in the morning when i'm lying in bed:)

  2. How gorgeous! I just love them. We get rainbow streaks all through our house from the windows and the pool I think. I'll have to look out for my own little camera obscuras in the home :) Kx

  3. leuk :) de juiste boom op de juiste plek.

  4. de lichtvlekken zijn zo picturaal! en prachtig handwerk

  5. sometimes we need to stop searching and things will come to us :)
    love your stories, as usual...and your creations!
    happy sunny days *

  6. I see so many of these sun/shade spots in the woods around my house. I find them so comforting - the filtered light is always so much more soothing than the bright sun of summer.

  7. yes, sunny and hot.
    interesting and beautiful post, as always :)

    beautiful dreams!

  8. I love these - those spots have such nice layering.

  9. Oh, to come home to that Wisteria everyday!!! I was at a photoshoot once where we needed those little light rays, and we got them by dangling a crystal in front of the camera when shooting. The photos looked great in the end, so you might try it :)

  10. I love your crochet (?) project. I posted your photograph on my blog...please let me know if you would prefer I take it down.


  11. I saw your blog for the first time today, led by a link from Meg Weaves. I have to tell you that I have also fallen in love with the little sun projections on the ground. I first saw them during an eclipse of the sun. All over the ground where the strangely dark sun was shimmering through our tree leaves were tiny crescents, reminders that what we see is always a reflection of what is, even if we don't recognize it.