September 16, 2010

Blue, red and white and...

... Quimby :-)

This is my first mobile for the Mieke Willems
pop-up store project in Amsterdam; I had difficulties
catching the right colors, so I tried
some night and day shots; I took different tones
of blue and some bright reds, completing with
soft pink, cream, white and black.
The picture of the duel comes from my presscutting
box, love the configuration :-)

More mobiles to come soon!


  1. wow these are so wonderful. i'm dreaming of buying one for our future baby room.... beautiful.

  2. I love your mobiles Renilde.
    I think the colours works quite well.
    So you adopted Quimby eh?

  3. I fell in love with your mobiles as soon as I saw one in one of your posts... I even remember we discussed swap back then but you were in the beginning of your moving to a new home... :) If you ever feel like doing it just let me know... Please don't find me rude, I just love to swap. :)

    oh and don't worry about the colors- they are great!

  4. That is a really amazing picture. The men in all black then the two in their shirtsleeves with their pants shapes.