October 16, 2010

Painting balls.

When I need to paint some balls for the mobiles,
I always prick them on a skewer, so, after some
time they start to show their own rainbow patina;
reminds me a bit of this nice handbag, covered
with peacock feathers.

My cluttered house.

Have a nice weekend :-)


  1. Hi Renilde - they look so beautiful :) Happy accidents are often the best, aren't they? Your house looks lovely. Kx

  2. Die satestokjes zijn wel zeer artistiek geworden.

  3. Wat een mooie foto's. Ben echt helemaal wild van je huis, zo gezellig dat dat eruit ziet !

    Hoeveel vraag je trouwens voor zo'n mooie mobiel ?

  4. oh I love your house... everything looks so nice and cozy. And you already know how much I love your mobiles... :)
    Have fun!

  5. I love your mobiles Renilde- your house is always an inspiration! Have fun!X

  6. I love the fact that you photographed the ends of the skewers.... its a piece of art in itself!
    Your house looks so beautiful :)

  7. great place. By the way I am a big fan of your nedlework.