May 06, 2011


I was making more labels last week; I kept the same design
with a glossy front glued on a somewhat fluffy back.
Till now I'm rounding the corners with a toy device from
the hobby shop, which is already blunt; I would love
to have a more professional one, however, I don't know how
this device calls and where I can get it; is there anyone
who can give me a tip?

The pink and blue polkadot silk fabric was a present from
White lilacs from a very nice garden and
Cow Parsley in the first picture.

Have a nice weekend everybody!
Tomorrow 27°C :^)


  1. what? 27! - well, during nights we still have -1or-2.
    love your labels, i was making mine today too :)
    about the tip-i don´t know, sorry.
    enjoy your sunny weekend!

  2. The labels are beautiful - and the polkadot fabric as well!

  3. hey renilde, ik weet een hobbywinkeltje in antwerpen waar ze dat vast hebben, ik heb er ook al heel vreemde en professionele gaatjesknippende dingen gevonden.

    Crafts and Things
    Lange Nieuwstraat 12, Antwerpen
    Tel. +32.32326621

  4. hé tof Joke!!! ik kende die winkel niet eens.

  5. Even labels are your showpieces. I guess you already found what you were looking for.

  6. Dit soort berichten: ik blijf fan!
    En zo'n ding, een 'punch corner'???: heb ik ook, inderdaad veel te snel kapot naar mijn goesting. Misschien kunnen boekbinders je verder helpen aan een iets professioneler ding.

  7. Hi Renilde - I'm not sure what they're called either I'm sorry. I love that fabric! So gorgeous :) And those blossoms are just beautiful. Hope you have a good week! Kx

  8. Hi, I saw you mentioned that your hobby cutter thingy is blunt - I think you can lightly sand the metal and it sharpens up. If its the kind of dyecutter that I'm thinking of.
    I love your embroidery. To my eye, you are a Painter at heart.