November 04, 2011


I stayed home all day, wearing my pyjamas until late in the
did some crochet and made a parcel for Mr Kitly,
including the mobile on the dresser
(hope it will arrive in time :^)

A little gardening,
fall on the terrace and flaming red leaves of the Virginia Creeper,
but still 19°C, bliss!
eating waffles instead of dinner and
going to bed early with a stack of reading material, including
the book of imaginary beings.

Have a nice weekend all!
and sweet dreams :^)

I bought a nautilus yesterday :)


  1. i was in my pj until 3pm, today, too! forgot to eat and worked a lot :)
    a living nautilus or the shell you mean?
    i love those creatures and the name reminds me of fantastic adventures under the sea!
    have a lovely weekend, goodnite.

  2. sounds beautiful :) and a lot like my day.Mmy husband and i have been home all day lounging about enjoying drawing cooking and running for me, and creating music for him. to end the day we lay in bed watching modern family and the office. great quiet lazy day.

  3. ...i love pyjama/working days.
    visiting your blog is always heartwarming soul food,
    have a nice, golden weekend, julia

  4. sounds goood!
    happy weekend!

  5. Sounds like the way to spend the week end :) Love your beautiful photos as always.

  6. How wonderful to still have summery weather! Love your photos, as always :) I was all day in PJs too, but mostly on the sofa. Thanks for the book tip - it looks fabulous. Have a great weekend Renilde. Kx

  7. klinkt goed!
    ik moet steeds naar die een na laatste foto kijken....
    dat vaasje, die rozenbotel, de oude foto erachter, de kleuren zo samen
    zo zou ik mijn huis willen
    gewoon zo

    fijn weekend

  8. that sounds like a fine little day to me

  9. sounds like a wonderful day!
    i am having a slow weekend too...just doing some knitting while listening to a nice audio book, drinking jasmine tea and eating chocolate : )

    i have been dreaming of owning one of your cushions, is it possible to order one/buy one from you?


  10. Thanks everybody :^)
    to vibeke: my address is

  11. and everything looks so lovely.

  12. prachtige bovenste foto....alles.

  13. wat een zielige bottel.
    en is het gelukt met de inktvis. hoe maak je dat klaar? …de inkt ook verwerkt?

  14. aan mus: ha! ik heb alleen de schelp gekocht, niks inktvis :)

  15. aan mus: by the way, die zielige bottel is wel een zen-bottel hé :D

  16. Maar natuurlijk ;)
    En valt me trouwens ook pas je vastgetapete handschoen(?) op.

  17. just found your blog and am very much enjoying what i see here.
    it's always inspiring to find creative dreamers who also like to relax ;-)

  18. so delicious colors in the photos again, i could eat them:)

    I like the name Nautilus. and such an incredible fellow, eh? a bit like an imaginary being..

  19. hey renilde, that vase is so wonderful - is it a japanese ceramic piece? would you know where to look to find something similar?

    (also love the b/w image with the yarn all over the floor, so beautiful.)