March 26, 2012

Blue mushroom.

I've never seen these in real, too bad, they grow in
Australia by the way; but I was very much
inspired by them when I was making this blue potholder;
especially the dark, mysterious spot in the centre got my attention;
it looks very toxic however, not really suitable for use in the kitchen!

The mushrooms in the picture suddenly appeared in one of the flower pots,
and after two days they were already gone, that's life :^)

Asparagus Fern shadows in the sunlight; did you know that this plant
purifies the air?

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  1. Fabulous photos Renilde! I've never seen those mushrooms before - they are gorgeous... just like your potholder :) Love this one especially. Kx

  2. blauwe paddestoelen
    onwerkelijk mooi
    en de onderzetter....
    hoe kom ik in het bezit
    van deze prachtige onderzetter?
    kan ik die bij jou bestellen?
    vertel, vertel!

  3. heel mooie paddestoelen en je pannelap ziet er ook echt zo uit! super!!!

  4. I knew some plants help to purify the air I never did much research, I will buy that asparagus fern it looks good as well!
    Beautiful pot holder and we had lots of mushrooms in the garden, I wonder why? something to do with fairies perhaps?

  5. prachtige blauwe pannelap en wat een inspiratiebron!

  6. Such a lovely blog you have. I've been browsing for a while and had a wonderful time.
    I have just ordered a chlorophytum as I've heard it preserves you from benzene, formaldehyde and other nasty pollutants.

  7. ooh, quite crazy psycedelic look a like-mushroom. and great potholder!
    i also like that first photo, it could be the moon.
    My grandmother had Asparagus Fern. i used to imagine myself so small, that i could have been able to sit under it. it looked like a perfect tree to sit under.

  8. Oh you just taught me something about my own country - I never knew we had blue mushrooms! I will have to look out for them. Lately I have been researching plants that purify the air. I'm going to get a Boston Fern first of all.