June 14, 2012

mobile sculptures by Robert Breer.
I went to see some of Breer's experimental films yesterday night. You can find some on youtube, I love this one, and this one and this one is about the retrospective at Museum Tinguely.
Actually, I love them all :)
Cinema Zuid

First & bottom pic are mine.
( I need more sun :)


  1. The films are just wonderful! Thanks for this Renilde - I hadn't heard of him before. Loving your shadow photography too... beautiful :) Kx

  2. Need sun too, and also for the photos and also and especially to feel good!

  3. ik vind dit een hele hele mooie post! heb al 1 filmpje bekeken, de rest een andere keer, ziet er goed uit!!

  4. I so like your bottom photograph.