August 16, 2012

Second life for paper trash.

I've dressed up the curtains a bit with pieces of cardboard, coloured plastic and dyed silkpaper that was coated with paraffin afterwards to make it transparent, everything is stuck on the back with tape, very easy and also easy to replace if I want something new; the kitchen window doesn't need any decoration, only an occasional pruning :^)

I promised the recipe for the onion pie
you need:
half a kilo of red onions
30 gr butter
2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
15 gr brown sugar
25 gr raisens
1 tablespoon of fresh thyme
let braise until onions and raisens are caramelized
when the pie goes into the oven, you put the slices of goat's cheese and some walnuts on top; bake until the goat's cheese begins to bubble and brown a little, that's about 20 min, 225°C

second life for paper trash


  1. beautiful light, clever idea. thanks for the recipe, will try soon.

  2. So beautiful and fun :) I love this.
    Thanks for the recipe too. Kx

  3. oooo....
    wat mooi
    wat mooi!

    ik ben voorzichtig aan het borduren
    op ongebleekte linnen met daarop
    een afdruk van een linosnede
    en denk aan jou en je
    prachtige borduurwerken
    en dat is fijn!

  4. You are so clever ... love it !!!
    ... and the shadow photograph is just lovely X

  5. what a great idea!

  6. oh i'm in love whith that idea to play with light! thank you!


  7. Genius , you are so clever, these designs are wonderful, Thanks you, you should be a designer