January 09, 2013


 I was fixing the sleeves of an old jacket today, at least one sleeve, I kept the other one for tomorrow :) I had a look for the technique at my Thérèse de Dillmont book (my bible:) and they call it 'Swiss darning'; in the example above you can see how to fix a hole in a knitted cloth, which was fortunately not the case with me, I only had to reinforce the stitches.
Tomorrow I will use more shades of brown to make the darning look a bit like a landscape.
an awesome technique to repair socks.

Found a book about camouflage in the thrift some time ago; the creature on the bottom pic is a Texas horned lizard.
the one on the front is a frog; cool :)

I'm hooked on Milk Oolong lately.
Swiss darning on YouTube
Goodnight & Sweet dreams!


  1. oh that technique to repair socks is very clever, just what i needed, thank you! this weather is certainly perfect to do all the little repairing jobs around the house and inside the wardrobe that otherwise you tend not to do. let's make the most of winter time. milk oolong sounds intriguing, i must try, next time i'll go to london i'll look for it. have a nice day renilde.

  2. Grappig da zij dat Swiss darning noemen. Ik moet well toegeven, dat mijn mama all mijn sokken zo herstelt! De Americaanen zien zekker de Zwitserse bergbevolking in hun houten husjes truien en kousen herstellen:-)

  3. dat vestje is nu nog mooier zo. ik zal eens zoeken of ik ook ergens een gat heb. x

  4. ja, Alpen Romantiek, ik kan het mij voorstellen;
    met nog een paar kersenpitkussentjes erbij voor de gezelligheid :^)