June 20, 2013

diary of a cactus, 2

 1 = 3 = :^)

pilea sprouts & new cushion
Good Night & Sweet Dreams 


  1. your pilea is doing very well.
    where can I get one

  2. I can send you one; I don't know if the sprout will survive, but I can try.

  3. have a good weekend!
    pilea is such a pretty plant!
    and the cushion has pretty colors!

  4. They look great! Love the third photo especially :)
    Your new cushion is gorgeous. Kx

  5. beautiful new cushion Renilde!( I know it's not for me)...:^)
    your pilea looks great. I planted mine in a bigger pot and separate the babies, they are now in their own pots and seem to do fine.

  6. That plant with circle leaves is so cute. I've always wondered what it was called.

  7. thank you all!
    to Jay: the plant with the circle leaves is a pilea peperomioides

  8. Grappig, bij mij ziet het bijnaa heltzelfde uit als op je photos. Was onlangs in de botanische tuin en heb iets gepikt, wat nu ook in klein glasjes zit om wortels te maken. Wil je collectie eens zien!! En pileas hebben veel kinderen :-)

  9. kom maar af, het is hier wel een chaos want ik verhuis in juli. misschien kunnen we samen iets afspreken met mieke; zij is tenslotte de oermoeder van de pilea's!!

    1. Goed idee, zal mieke eens mailen!

  10. I have a pilea at home too. I would like to know how to propagate it eventually. Do you just cut off the top stem and root it in water? Or can you do it from a leaf?