July 10, 2013

a new home ... soon 2

the place is almost empty now, my whole workshop stored in boxes;
I was so preoccupied with packing and labeling the last couple of weeks that getting in some flowers has become side issue; luckily the blooming sempervivum brings some color in the house and terrace;
note the tiny audacious wasp :^)


  1. Are you moving far away?
    Hope you have lots of helping hands.

  2. only to another part of the city and I get a lot of help from friends, colleagues and family, but I'll be glad when everything is over :)

  3. good luck with your move and look forward to
    see your new home.

  4. wow renilde, jij kan de meest eenvoudige dingen prachtig fotograferen! ik kijk er naar uit gauw fotos van je nieuwe woning te zien!

  5. wish everything goes ok with the move
    and enjoy your new home!
    beautiful cactuses

  6. OH cool is that a bee or other insect fying towards the plant in the second photo? WOW that look amazing :)