August 17, 2013

my winter stock

I was making a winter stock of my favorite rhubarb-apricot jam; eventually I think I like this one the most, despite my earlier experiments
and afterwards went for a walk; I could feel already a sense of fall in the air, maybe because so much fluff whirled around;
lovely seed bunches from the ash


  1. wonderful and poetic photos...

  2. oh my... I get lost in your blog, dear Renilde, and I enjoy it!
    Rhubarb-apricot...hmm, sounds mmmh... wonder about their different ripening season?
    Love that image of the ash... so very dreamy... moved (first I mean it is a robinia).
    And the photo! the b/w... the "Anna Magnani-pic" with apron on... simply gorgeous! your facial expression... fantastic. Your mom... the old photo... what a gift... even the talent for handcraft. Great!
    Your "Eddy" is marvellous...

    xo Ariane.

  3. My favourite time of the year! I love that special smell in the air that Autumn has :) Gorgeous photos Renilde. Kx

  4. thank you all!

    to Ariane: I eat rhubarb all summer; the oxalic acid becomes toxic only in very large quantities, you have to eat at least 10 kg of rhubarb :)
    but if you prefer not to use rhubarb after spring, you can always use dried apricots; my grandma used to make her jam this way.
    thanks you like my 'Eddy' :)

  5. je huis ziet er fijn uit
    net als Eddy!
    en net als jij ben ik druk geweest met inmaken
    ik heb zo'n 20 kg pruimen geoogst van onze boom
    de vriezer en voorraadkast zit vol met
    pruimenmoes, pruimenjam, pruimenchutney ;^))

  6. aan patrice: ja, lekker hamsteren voor de winter, gezellig :)
    pruimen crumble, ook héél lekker!

  7. pruimen crumble ;^))
    ik maak nu bijna elke week
    plaatkoek met pruimen met een crumble-laagje op top