June 02, 2014

my inspirations

I like making foto's just before bedtime, it's kind of my way to close off the day, so I'm happy with a moth on a curtain :^)
like this harlequin.
the subtle yellows and ochres on it's wings inspired me to make this cushion; while I'm not really a lover of the black&yellow combination, I think the colors are beautiful together.
The oak branches with gallnuts was also a nightshot, the shadows of the leaves came from the street lightning and the moon. bliss :)

dragonfly in the park of Hoboken


  1. Beautiful work Renilde :) Kx

  2. ik nog steeds erg blij met mijn
    maar de kussens zoals deze
    geïnspireerd op vlindervleugels
    vind ik allemachtig prachtig!
    ze hebben een diepte door dat zwart
    dat me raakt
    mooi, mooi!

  3. thank you Patrice & Kylie :^)

  4. the colours of that cushion are absolutely stunning!