July 05, 2014

my inspirations

since I got back from France I went to see every possible shop in the neighborhood looking for stones or fossils or whatever ...
that's because I've found some nice agate discs in a French shop, and the thing with me is that if I find something nice, I start collecting right away :^)
anyway, these stones will be a great source of inspiration.
my favorite shop in Antwerp, and for my nephew cause he's very into fossils lately.

I haven't told about the ammonite I've found inside a cabinet when I just moved in here last summer, but that's for later


  1. echt heel mooi. de winkel in de volkstraat lijkt me goed om met mijn petekindje te bezoeken. veel succes met het verzamelen

  2. nice collection Renilde!

  3. your inspiration made me impressed about the collection.excellent
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