September 01, 2014

blog hop

Patrice invited me for a blog hop :)
here are my answers

what am I working on:
I'm currently trying to figure out how to make a large tapestry, one that is composed of various smaller parts; actually a kind of wall decoration that is not permanent,
that is to say, you will have the choice to hang the various elements against one another as a whole, or as separate islands that float away from each other,
you are free to rearrange the differents parts or remove some and replace by others...
or you can upgrade the tapestry bit by bit untill it takes the entire wall or more, such as a living organism :)
I will soon make a blogpost about my new project, so stay tuned!

I'm also going to take a pottery course in mid-September

how my work differs from other's in it's genre:
I think anyone who feels the need to express creatively is unique;
we are all different personalities and carry our past with us, which translate into our creative work
if you stay loyal to yourself, your work will also be honest and sincere, and that is what makes it attractive to other people I guess

why I create what I do:
there's no much to say here, to be honest, crafting is my natural state of being and it has always been so
I like to see something appear under my hands, it might be predictable and premeditated
but sometimes the making can take a very personal and unexpected twist,
you go with the flow as they say
those are the best moments

how my creative process works:
I can be triggered by just about anything, the button can never be turned off
actually, I'm constantly looking for ways to express myself
but my way of working is rather fickle and offhand; I usually just start something and when I reach the point when I loose focus or get stuck with the composition or colors, I simply put the work aside and start something new
and after some time when picking up the work again I will have a fresh look and mostly know how to go on...
or at worst, start again from scratch :)
I love working with yarns that I got from friends, more than if I would buy them in a store
It's because I like the surprise and the unpredictable, the knowing that I have to find ways to use the given yarn in an appropriate way
by the way, the lovely green mohair bobbins I recently got from Andrea
it will surely show up somewhere in the tapestry :)

thank you Patrice for asking me for this blog hop!


  1. dankjewel!
    voor dit inkijkje
    ik kijk uit naar het grote wandtapijt
    klinkt GOED!

  2. such a lovely glimps into your life as a creator! thank you!

  3. always love to hear about your creative process. I agree in full with what you say and I see few similarities. crafting is a state of being not a hobby for me too. xx

  4. I'm looking foreward to see the glimpse of green showing off, I knew it will be in good hands. slimme antwoorden! x

  5. Very interesting answers, and beautiful pictures! I must say, I love your crochet work, but I've missed posts about your embroidery, your weaving and your patchwork... So I'm looking forward to news of the ever-changing tapestry.