February 02, 2015

pinch pots

some color studies
the green is a mixture of copper oxide and copper carbonate, then a transparent glaze

and something with iron,
can't read the formula anymore


  1. ooo.... wat mooi!
    kommetjes die precies
    in de palm van je hand passen
    en dan ook nog
    in fijne kleuren


  2. oh they are so nice, well done Renilde! I'm waiting for next class to see the result of some pots I've thrown, I hope it's not another glaze disaster! xx

  3. thanks all!
    to alessandra: I understand what you talking about!
    the glazes can be very disappointing and you never know what the outcome will be, but sometimes you get unexpected results and that's nice.
    fingers crossed for you :)

  4. wow, looks really beautiful. I especially like the green one. like moss growing on the mug.

  5. lovely blog..the pictures are so gorgeous erode yellow pages 2015

  6. Hi! Do you still make pinch pots like these? Do your still have any? Pinterest keeps sugesting them to me.. they are lovely. How big are they?
    I blow glass. I'm from Estonia. Maybe we could exchange some? :) I don't have a website though. Maybe I should start a blog. Glass is so difficult to photograph though.