October 27, 2009

My viewmaster.

The following 7 pics are taken from the news-
paper. I always want to keep press cuttings
and store them in boxes, even when it is only a
silly pic like these.
Could it be a soft & harmless neurosis?
Anyway, i have decided to post this newspaper
photos every now and then.
So, when i will have another 'seven' that makes
sense to me, you will see them in my post.
Could be next week or next month, don't know
in advance.
As you can see, they are all shining and of maximum
contrast, you are looking through my viewmaster,

I'm sorry they're not 3D :-(


  1. heerlijk. Fascinerend hoe zo'n kleine dingen kunne intrigeren.

  2. oh, that is so very very great:)

  3. I have newspaper photographs collection too. And I have also been wandering what kind of strange obsession it is. Collecting, maybe? (That doesn't sound that dangerous...)

  4. they look like a very cute lovely little notebook fulled of inspirations and things that make us smile !


  5. leuk idee, neurotische mensen zijn vaak de interessantste :) fijn om even door je collectie te kunnen neuzen. De eerste vind ik geweldig. Wel benieuwd wat voor nieuws ze brachten.

  6. I had a viewmaster as a child!! Ooo I wish I still had it!! I loved it.
    Your pictures are great - love the randomness of them :) K

  7. i read pictures. i don´t like read news in newspapers, only some of the pictures. my newspaper (and old magazines) clip collections are my Healthy Way of reading!
    don´t you think so too?!?
    seriously, even the texture in these picks are so much more interesting!
    and the habit of trying to read between the lines (in this case pictures)is being fully nourished in this way. to form new sentences!!

    like your masterview poem!

  8. I lost myself in viewmasters when I was a kid. Better than TV! Thanks for reminding me!

  9. wat een mooie post!
    ik hou wel van mensen die iets geks hebben. heel grappig ook dat je die borduurlap eerst niet durfde posten :) maar het is net omdat het zo 'overdreven' is dat het nog mooier wordt!

  10. I think we all have something we're slightly obsessed/neurotic about. I have the tendency of keeping lovely chocolate wrappers.

    the picture of the deer is really nice.

  11. So fun! Wishing they were 3d ;)

  12. Such a cute idea!! I love all your chosen images, can't wait for part two :)

  13. Ik heb naderhand twee grote houten kisten vol afbeeldingen en foto's uit kranten, boekjes, ... Ik begrijp die neurotiek wel.
    Ik denk dat het onze drang is om op zoek te gaan naar schoonheid en zaken die ons doen glimlachen. Het zijn verzamelingen groot geluk.

  14. ....wonderfully random ..they remind me of images that some painter friends paint , me too ...the deer :)
    I KNOW what you mean that when you have collected up 7 images it will make sense to you ...I KNOW THIS FEELING SO WELL :)
    oh your blog is fantastic

  15. leuke post! en laat de volgende serie maar komen.

  16. Oh, these are fantastic! I think it's so cool that you've still got a Viewmaster. Taking pics through them is such a novel concept! I will forever view the Viewmaster as the advent of true 3D photography.