October 13, 2009

New cushions.

I was filling in the loose ends from a pile of crochings
i made last winter. Still have to think about how to
fill them up; I don't really want them to finish as
is usual, but they need some brace anyway.
So, while i was hesitating in taking a decision,
I had a great time with weaving the leftovers
from the crochings into a piece of canvas, and at
the end i added a little house and its owner.
So when you have a look at the front, you will see
a landscape, and by turning it round you're zooming
in and discover the little details.
I hope i soon will find a solution for the finishing :-)

<"""""""!!!!!!§§§§§&&&&"""""""> :-) ?
You need to enlarge the photos if you like to
see the weavings. Have a good night and thanks
everybody for the sweet words on my interview!


  1. ohwww. ik kan niet wachten ze in het echt te zien. mooiste van de wereld, ik zal me moeten inhouden! x

  2. Soooo gorgeous... I love them. I did have to enlarge the photos to see them - my eyes are definitely going with old age! ;) K

  3. beautiful. i love the whimsicality (is that a word?:) of your work. so creative.

  4. Nice to create new work with scraps of the old. I like the look of linen against the crochings.

  5. love these! the backs are gorgeous! loved the interview too :)

  6. oh so pretty already! cant wait to see finished. im yet to read the interview but really looking forward to it when i get a few minutes x

  7. you make me feel :)
    i have a great love for incompleteness.

  8. I love the crochet piece! The colors and the feeling of imperfection and coincidence given by the difference in levels. Your work is so good!

    The interview was very interesting! And it confirms my impression of you as a very sweet person.

  9. this is gorgeous. i've just discovered your blog through jollygoo. i love it! *

  10. wow. you did those weavings with yarn?? or is that embroidery thread? i love it sooo much. *