January 13, 2010

A garden.

I took these photos in the Rubenshouse courtyard, i was
there to see an exhibition , but got more interested in the
beautiful renaissance garden though, especially that old
pine and the many clematis vitalba bushes; it felt as if i
was coming face to face with a school of manic muppet
Anyway, i'm going to post more gardens in the future, for it
is an old love of mine; when i was a child i had my own mini-garden
on my father's property, it had a surface from about 10 square
meters, my dad used to dump there his cast-offs :)
I don't have a garden now, i'm not counting my blackberry fielt,
but my love for gardens will stay for ever:)
ps. the tiles come from Rubens' kitchen.


  1. cheers, for the love of gardens!
    i have my first one ever- it´s small,
    only few bushes and a flowerbed
    and a small greenhouse, but i love it.

  2. Ik heb helaas ook geen tuin en zelfs geen balkon meer, maar wel een prachtig oud park op 5 min. loopafstand!

  3. these are really cool photos.

  4. hello!
    the fluffy white flowers are pretty and interesting :)

  5. I feel for your garden longing- I long too but I just scraped it off my new year's list because it just can't be a priority right now. The time will come though, one day...Till then I am happy to see your photos!
    Annamaria :)

  6. Ik herinner me deze tuin als zeer rationeel. Maar met deze foto's ontdek ik de poëtische ziel. De nabloei van de clematis zal er wel voor iets tussen zitten.
    Heb ook niet echt 'een tuin'. Verlang enorm naar een boom om onder te zitten. Het liefst een tulpenboom. In zottegem staat er een reuze-exemplaar in een park. Dat is mijn boomdroom.

  7. ik heb geen tuin, maar wel een boerderij met alleen maar velden rondom waar ik af en toe naartoe kan. De combinatie van die twee extremen doet het wel voor mij.

  8. cheers to your first garden's post...
    those tiles are so beautiful, are Delft tiles? perhaps...coming from Rubens's kitchen!
    I love flemish art...will you post something about it?

  9. I am into gardens too, they are like a small world for itself! You can have an imaginative garden.

  10. Wow those tiles are amazing!
    The gardens look really beautiful too.
    Look forward to seeing more ;)

  11. to alessandra: i was not allowed to take photos from the exhibition,too bad :(, only got Rubens' kitchentiles.

  12. Gorgeous! I have spent a lot of time in gardens recently and it is so refreshing and inspiring!

  13. oh, you have no idea how happy that makes me, to hear you will post more gardens. these photos of a garden lost in time are wonderful, and the manic muppet comment and link to animal - that is absolutely awesome:) hilarious! i LOVE animal.