February 05, 2010

Meet Joe.

Tomorrow is the prize-ceremony; Joe - see image -
made a proposition to help me with the draw, so I can play it square.
This is what he suggested : I will do the preparations and make
little balls of paper from all the entries; then, Joe will jump at a depth
of 1 metre - that is extremely high converted to human standards!!
- so, he will jump at 1 metre, and the first ball he will hit is the winner.
I think that's fair, hope it will turn out well :-)
We'll see tomorrow.
Have a nice weekend everybody!
Oh, and the bottom image is polkadotted queen Beatrix of the Netherlands,
admiring Malevich's black square.


  1. you are so funny renilde ...also I love a girl in polka dots !

  2. that is brave! i wish him luck (and no broken bones -)

  3. OMG I love that bottom photo!! How precious is that...?! Laughed and laughed :))
    Joe is obviously a very brave soul... risking life and limb in service to a higher cause..! Very fair - as along as he picks me!!
    K x

  4. haha, hoop dat het een heel erg zacht propje is waar ie op valt en er veilig vanaf komt.
    Super foto van beatrix.

  5. ha ha ha - would love to see Joe in action. Sounds like so much fun! I love doing things like this too. Have fun. xo

  6. joe- the right man in the right place!