March 23, 2010

A garden.

I did some 'table gardening' the other day, dreaming
about my future garden (about six square metre terrace:-)
I'm planning to grow herbs and ruccola and tomatos
and spinach etc... and flowers of course.
I also bought a nice book about gardening.

The carnivorous on the first photo is producing new traps,
they look pretty alien and remind me a bit on the cordiceps fungus,
infecting an ant.

That's me on the second pic, changing the water for my guppies.


  1. the photo of you is one of the prettiest things I've seen in such a long time!

  2. love your table garden!!
    first picture is so nice!! :)

  3. I like your photos and your atmosphere...

  4. great photos... there is something so nice, so relaxing in them...
    I am thinking of making a "pot garden" these days... not really sure what to plant, I would just love to watch a process of growing...

  5. i've been dreaming about my future garden too..

  6. love hearing about your garden plans

  7. A garden is the most wonderful thing in the world and this is for sure the time were you really long for spring and dirt under your nails. Both Sabine and I have small gardens and for us it is pure therapy.

  8. yes!!! i love your table plants! im desperatly trying to grow avocado too!!!


  9. i love this post renilde.
    it seems that i can't grow a plant from an avocado seed, my mum was a pro!
    funny, the other day i was browsing in my local bookshop and saw that book, it's on my list of books to buy! it's really full of practical tips, no nonsense gardening here!
    i can't wait to see your garden!
    ps: the carnivorous looks disquieting but fascinating...remember "the little shop of horror?"

  10. I love the jars you use for starting plants and the beautiful photos. That picture of the imaginary garden book makes me want to have a fantasy garden like the ones I would imagine Tim Burton's, Edward Scissorhands creating.
    Your carnivorous plant looks a little ominous. I'm rather happy that I am not a small bug sitting near it.

  11. My garden is meant to stay imaginery for a looong I am looking forward to seeing yours develop! Meanwhile, I will be very happy just to look at your photos-
    annamaria :)

  12. The carnivorous plant sounds fun - I was fascinated by them when I was a child.

  13. A garden has been appealing to me too for a while. I cannot have any where I live. It would be like a counterpart to my inside living space. Organized in its special way. What is this Design for imaginary garden?

  14. dat boek heb ik ook. Een heel goed boek !
    Kijk jij toevallig ook elke vrijdagavond naar gardenersworld op bbc 2 waar Alys Fowler ook mee in presenteert?
    Veel succes met het verhuizen naar je nieuwe woonst en geniet van je terras vol met bloemen en planten.

  15. mooie foto's, kijken ernaar maakt me heel rustig, subtiele kleuren. erg benieuwd naar je terras tuin straks..

  16. to Magda: the drawing was meant for a carpet :)
    to Lotte: ik ga zeker kijken vanavond,ik had gardenersworld al eens gezien maar Alys Fowler kende ik nog niet, ben heel benieuwd!
    to everybody: thank you!!! Hope to show more soon!

  17. a post about guppies and gardens——what could be better?! I love it.

  18. yikes - cordiceps - ruuunnnnn!