March 28, 2010

Smoking, no smoking.

I'm not really a smoker, the problem is that I
always want to join the club when I'm in smoke
company, so one could say I'm a Chummy
Smokers Type :-)
I also need to smoke when I have to think over
something; you can see me 'thinking' in the first shot.

What about the bottom image, there's little change
I took that photo; I remember I got a small plastic
camera from my uncle for my birthday, but i'm
afraid this photo is far to sharp for a plastic toy.
Anyway, you can see my father in the bottom left
corner, the older man is my grandpa, the boy in red
is my uncle F. and the one in the right corner my
uncle R.; I wonder where their cigarettes are, for
they were real chain smokers.
My dad used to smoke 'St. Michel green', that is without
filter, my uncle F. 'Zemir', uncle R. smoked 'red Bastos'.
I can't remember my grandpa's brand of chewing tobacco.

The photo is probably taken round 1974,
Love the seventies, have you noticed our orange
curtains :-)


  1. i went down my own memory lane while you shared yours in this post. fantastic!

    we had curtains with huge flowers in orange, yellow and whites. i still have that fabric (gift from mom) and used it for pillows - but still something left.

    my dad and uncles had card nights where they'd sit around and smoke like chimneys with whisky sodas on the side :)

  2. my mum and dad used to smoke in the seventies, they used to play cards with friends and make this very red drink with a liquor called "Rosso Antico", it was kind of glamorous...but perhaps a little intoxicating!
    I used to be a "social smoker" or a chummy s. as you say, only smoking in clubs or in places where all the people smoked because I felt less nauseated. It's been 10 years that I stopped, I can't really do it anymore I feel quite sick...
    the pictures are great, very stilish!!!

  3. so truthful !
    I know I will be tempted so much tommorow as I am going up to the big smoke (dublin ) for a group art show and I WILL BE SO EXCITED .....I know I will have to go outside for a smoke with the other giddy exhibitors .
    You are SO beautiful renilde

  4. hahaaa! mooie foto van jou renilde!

  5. I have not smoked for so so long, I wish it did not give you wrinkles or cancer because god I enjoyed it !!!!! The time I could have really started smoking again was in Paris, everyone smokes...... after those amazing french dinners......must also say my favorite smell is anyone smoking a cigar.... love it !!!!!

  6. There was always a certain allure to cigarettes until my father died of lung cancer ten years ago. Then I saw the other side. Very painful and sad. Now when I see young kids smoking I want to warn them, but I never say anything. Oh well.

  7. I quit when I was thirty three- just couldn't bear the idea of smoking around my young kids-
    it was hard- boy it was hard work-!!

  8. I don't smoke which actually surprises me because I tend to incline to bad habits a lot and that is probably why I like this confession on smoking of yours.

  9. To come out or not come out...? Very few people know this, I hide it very well I think... I love smoking. I've tried to give up a million times and I just can't do it - I love it so much. I'll be in Antwerp in September, Renilde - you can bum a ciggie off me then babe! ;) Kx

  10. when i smoked, Bastos were my favorite! maybe i'll take it up again on my 80th birthday. :)

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