March 02, 2011

New life.

Isn't that a curious pattern for a fungus!
I must say I like the design, but I'm afraid it
will harm my rosemary; what shall I do;
any experts here?

The first photo is a piece of painted silk; to get
that pattern, you only have to sprinkle some salt
on the wet paint; the colours start to blend as a
matter of course.


New life 2010 :^)
Sick of the Radio
field & sea


  1. I'm not expert but are you sure that the fungus wont spreads to other plants?
    take some photos as a souvenir and then get rid of that vase!
    beautiful pattern indeed.
    Love the new life series...goodnite.

  2. I think the same that la casita... I am not an expert neither, but if the plant is ok... they look a little menacing. lovely blog.

  3. i totaly adore the first photo!

  4. That's amazing! I love the patterns it makes and your silk pattern too. I'm not an expert either but I think there are many different kinds of fungus that thrive on different things - if the fungus is feeding on the pot maybe it won't be interested in the plant at all? Loving your gorgeous pot plants :) Kx

  5. Busy days makes me forget Spring has came...
    Lovely images...

  6. Oh, mooi, die pot is prachtig. Heb ik nog nooit gezien, zo schoon.

  7. Hi, I'm a bit of a gardening geek! Looks like maybe you over watered & it doesn't have enough drainage, sadly as pretty as it is it might be a sign that the roots will rot :( Best re-pot, or maybe just hold off watering so often and it'll dry out enough!

  8. thanks a lot ladies!
    I'm gonna try out Hazel's advise first and if that doesn't help, get rid of the pot.

  9. Don't worry! During winter some algae start growing on your pots of stone
    . Now fungi are infecting the algae. These type of fungi do not attack your plants.

  10. Renilde, ik wil graag op silk painting les bij je komen. :-)