June 04, 2011

On the terrace.

Mieke's Pilea Peperomioides babies are swarming
around already; one arrived at my home and one
at Hermine's place :^)
Thyme & lavender in the first and sage & Santalina
tomatos in the second picture.

My first harvest of ruccola next week I think :^)


  1. oh that ruccola (they call it rocket here)I'm a bit jelous! ;^)
    have a nice weekend.

  2. looks like the weather has been nice there!

  3. oh, thank you for your message.
    I love the leaves, shadow on your photo. so relaxing. I love herbs too.
    Enjoy your sunday.

  4. Your terrace garden is looking so lovely Renilde :) Kx

  5. Oh, lucky you! My rucola is still tiny, I will have to wait for harvesting it a few weeks, I think! Enjoy yours!

  6. I really like the big leaves in the 3rd photo!
    I miss gardening! your terrace looks like a lovely place to be!

  7. Not being competent in it myself, I absolutely love an accomplished gardener's photos of the sweet fruit of their labour- your salads must be memorable! x