July 24, 2011

At the MoMu.

I finally went to see unravel at the MoMu,
it was nice... but what surprised me the most
was the graduate collection of Niels Peeraer at
the MoMu Gallery on the first floor.
The collection is about a boy who has an imaginary
boyfriend. Everyday, he prepares himself to get
married to his love...
more pictures here.
I think I will go and see this again;
the entrance is free by the way!
Fotos made by Dirk Alexander.


  1. mooi! mooi idee ook oh! moet ik zeker eens gaan bekijken. x x x

  2. je hebt nog tijd en het is Gratis! die jongen is nog maar 22!!!

  3. ooooooooooooh no I have to go back to Antwerp
    to see it..so beautiful

  4. Oh I'm so envious! You visited unravel! This other exhibition looks fantastic too! Will hop over to their site to see how long it's on for :) Thanks Renilde! Kx

  5. Looks awesome - would have loved to see this, looks brilliant.
    A xx

  6. wow amazing picture! I love your blog!