July 15, 2011


I made a nice bike ride this morning, and picked
some wildflowers on my way home, like
thousand leaf, wild carrot and rape seed.

The blue flower above is wild chicory, the white one below,
I guess is pepperweed.

Pinky thousand- leaf and

wild carrot.

The scent of a rape seed field on a sweltering
hot summer's day, bliss :^)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. mooi Renild,ook een schoon weekend gewenst!

  2. That sounds so beautiful :) Glad you're enjoying summer Renilde. Kx

    p.s. it looks like we might be coming to Antwerp again this September - so excited about that :))

  3. you too!
    with the flowers and sun, i hope!

  4. have a nice weekend Renilde, gathering wild flowers and rides on the bikes sounds like the perfect Summer's activities. Here Summer seems gone, it's raining right now, but I'm off to London: it will be a perfect London day, with showers and all.

  5. dat deden we gisteren ook - even genieten van een mooie dag, wat uitwaaien, veldbloemen
    prettige weekend!

  6. I love your first picture :) natural and simple

  7. wild carrot is one of my favourites... lovely when it will chose my garden...I think they call it "bird's nest" in England...the seadheads really look like that....nice pictures...

  8. to Britt-Marie: they call it also bird's nest here,
    they're one of my favourites too, love the dark purple flower in the middle!

  9. so pretty!
    how lovely to live somewhere you can pick such pretty wildflowers around....i'm jealous!
    happy summer to you renilde!