August 29, 2011

Billie's drawing.

I got this nice drawing from my little niece who
stayed over this weekend together with her brother J.
I'm pictured in the middle of the drawing with my
lovely house on the left and lots of sunshine; the
smaller black construction with the pink roof is
likely a little shed, for my laundry perhaps.
The green object is my car.
She said the drawing was for me, I only had to
color in the rubber that is holding my hair; I've chosen
for a light blue, that was ok for her :^)
I like my heart-dress.


  1. They had a good time. I like the drawing a lot. I only get abstract ones. They are collages, my kid says.

  2. Toevallig, dit weekend ook net een tekening gekregen van mezelf, gemaakt door de dochter van een vriendin. Altijd fascinerend zo'n tekeningen en de uitleg die ze er bij geven eveneens. En die auto van jou is anders ook niet mis: heel rudimentair!

  3. so good! i love having nieces, they enrich my life. that green car looks like it could take you anywhere.

  4. it's so great to listen to kids when they describe their drawings, they have so much imagination! love the black house with the pink roof :-D

  5. prachtige inspiratie voor borduurwerk!

  6. leuke foto's en een mooie tekening