August 02, 2011

On my terrace.

I love to see how quickly everything starts to grow
and blossom now, especially the wildflowers are doing
very well; the lovely pinky purple flower is a cockle.
I try to collect as many seeds for next summer
but I can not resist buying new plants every time I'm
in the garden centre :^)
The blue palm is one of my latest purchases and also
the kangaroo paw.

Made some more photo's from the tower; love to see
how the light is changing all the time.

Buckwheat, corn flower, cockle and red clover.

One buckwheat seed

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams :^)


  1. Super mooi, de bloemen en de toren. Ik zou ook niet kunnen stoppen met naar die toren te kijken, hij is prachtig.

  2. those three shots in the middle, a perfect combination. have a great summer Renilde!

  3. ah, a little bit of Australia on your balcony with that Kangaroo Paw! It may die off over winter, but should re-shoot next summer... fingers crossed that your package turns up xo