September 30, 2011

A walk in the woods.

I went to the woods today with friends and family, hunting for
mushrooms; despite the warm weather of recent days, we still
found quite a lot of bay boletes and some porcini mushrooms;
but everyone's darling was the one with the peachcoloured belly
and brown velvet hat :^)
have a closer look here!

Brown velvet bag.



  1. hi! I'm not sure how the underside of the cap looks, but that mushroom could be devil's bolete, which is poisonous. But I'm by no means mushroom expert.

  2. Dear Renilde, I must tell you that I admire all your recent posts although I don't comment them much lately... Your photos are so lovely and unique...
    I'm sending you autumn hugs*

  3. wow, one aways feels so lucky when finding treasures like musrooms from the woods. we have also got plenty this autumn, it has been a good year for mushrooms.
    but that kind of brown velvet hat fellow i have never seen!

  4. to beata & outi: you're right, in Belgium they call it the witch's bolete, boletus erythropus
    and poisonous indeed! but funny :)

    thanks naa :^)