October 20, 2011

Something sunny, 3.

The front of this nice vest is woven with the leftovers of the
crocheted parts, love it.
and the beach robe too :)

What you can do with leftovers in case they're long enough:
a smyrna cushion,
and do you remember this post?

Babyboom at Atelier Solarshop started today!

Sweet dreams :^)


  1. Sometimes these old magazines are amazing. Time proves how good they are. I have a few from when I was a teenage girl and learned to knit. I remember the sweaters in detail. I like the woven part of the sweater that you show a lot.

  2. The vintage knits are incredible!
    And very current (hello Isabel Marant S/S '12).
    Love the scrawls of color & the bead work too...
    Nice post!

  3. Great photos! I love the bath shot :) I have so many magazine clippings too... it's good that you find yours and actually use them... wish I did ;) Glad to see it's still sunny for you :) Kx

  4. Atelier Solarshop is geweldig!
    Die foto's doen me denken aan het handwerktijdschrift Ariadne dat bestond in de seventies en eighties. Mijn moeder heeft ze ooit allemaal weggegooid. Jammer!

    x E.

  5. aan E.: ik geloof dat deze uit de 'Handwerken' komen; dat is ook zo'n tijdschrift uit de seventies waar wij thuis op geabonneerd waren, ik vond ze toen ook al super :-)

  6. I love these old magazines. My mum used to work in a craft/wool shop and would also knit on commission and she has so many of these at home, they are so funny to look at.
    Like always, love the combination of the colors of your pillow again:)