August 14, 2010


This cute fly was keeping me company while making
another smyrna cushion; she was very relaxed and
not at all pushy, actually I liked her.
When I was a kid, I had a similar fly in my collection,
although I remember her with a fully translucent abdomen;
could be my childlike imagination :-)
Anyway, I got help from an expert who suggested this fly was
likely the volucella pellucens, and yes, it was her!

By the way, I collected insects when I was a young girl
and I have to admit, the urge is still there to go and find
me an empty jar when I see a beauty like this,
lucky for her I was to busy with the cushion :-)

Happy weekend everybody!


  1. wat een mooie foto's zo samen

  2. love love love the cushion and the flowers (ooh wonderful roots)
    but I dont love the fly :(

  3. looks like the flowers made their way into your cushion - their texture and colour are quite the same! amazing!

  4. The cushion is beautiful :-) as usual.
    When I was about 8 years two friends of mine sent me a letter with about a dozen insects inside. Apparently they had found them dead in their grandparents' farm. They gave them a quick wash into water with bleach, stuck them to the paper with sellotape and wrote a story about each of them. I kept it for a while but I finally threw it away when the insects started slowly disintegrating... It was the most fascinating letter I've ever received.

  5. What a gorgeous cushion, Renilde! I love it. Great that you had some company and inspiration ;) My youngest daughter collects insects too. Kx

  6. The cushion seems so comfortable!

  7. thanks everybody for the nice words :-)
    to explodingcucumber: I would love to have a letter like yours; wonderful frieds you have!

  8. by the way, mine started to desintegrate too and some of them were smelling very badly!

  9. She's a lovely fly. It reminds me of Le Clézio's Le Désert, a young girl named Lalla qui aime jouer avec les mouches. Your flowers and cushion look nice together.

  10. what a lovely blog. i really like your work.

  11. a few months ago my 13 year old daughter brought home a large, beautiful, dragon fly that she had found in the garden. So unlike her to touch anything like this but she knew that I would love to study it so she did.