August 17, 2010

Edgard Tytgat.

Do you remember my Little Red Riding Hood post?
Photo 1-3-8 come from the series:
' QuelQues Images de la Vie d'un Artiste' 1917
Photo 6 is Edgard and his wife Maria on vacation in 1929

from the series 'Carrousels et Baraques'

woodcut, Carrousels et Baraques

from the series 'Le Lendemain de la Saint-Nicolas'

'Invitation au Paradis' 1922
wood -and linocut.
The images come from the book:


  1. This is wonderful! thank you for showing this post, it's a treasure!

  2. They are just amazing. To think of the expertise in those wood and lino cuts! Thanks for sharing these Renilde :) Kx

  3. especially the last one!
    lovable vacation photo too!

  4. Oh, ik kende hem nog niet, heel mooi is dat !

  5. this looks like a lovely book. something very medieval about it all. wonderful!

  6. i LOVE these images...they are aboslutely cute, quirky and french!

    i just came across your blog through Flairful and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)


  7. These illustrations are too good! I love seeing them all curated by you.