December 22, 2011

My shell.

I think I have never been so happy with an apartment
as with my current one, as if it were designed specially for me;
that is of course nonsense, but I do know that this place
inspires and that I'm in my element here, what is very,
very important for a Cancer, ha!
Some time ago, a friend of mine made this funny joke about me,
my home & blog, saying:
'Your home is like a shell with an internet connection' :^)
Anyway, I'm a (modern) hermit and I love My Shell!

new cushion, have a look at my flickr for the back.

The Nephentes in 2010
and here


  1. You're right, it all looks so beautiful! I love your coat-hanger collection and the loom looks like a work of art on the wall there :) Great cushion too. It's a wonderful space Renilde. Kx

  2. your house really does look like a magical place for making things.

  3. dat is wonen, los van de mooie plaatjes
    (die zijn ook nu weer mooi)

  4. je zit daar idd perfect! gezelligste plek ooit!

  5. oh that cushion is just the most lovely of yours that i have yet seen! it is something to dream about...

    and having a home that feels really like a true home and gives inspiration - that is a very special thing, special but essential. i have moved three times this year, and finding this kind of a home is still a distant longing at this point. i am so glad you have it right now! :)

  6. Thank you all!
    to geneviève: I hope you will find your home soon.

  7. i like that saying about home and a shell. and i am living in a little shell with a Cancer, so i somehow can understand what you mean..

    all the best for the holidays, and have a good start for the coming new year!

  8. lovely ceropegia! At work (flower shop) I have sold the one that I use to have.
    I read your comment about finding a macrame. I am looking for one too.