February 23, 2012

Cocooning, 3

I've got a sunshine award from the wonderful Patrice A.!

When receiving the award you are asked to aswer some sunshine
questions and then pass the award to five people who deserve
some ray of sunshine too.

Today it was gloomy and rainy; maybe time for a little cosiness??
The sunny picture dates from last September.
Ok, here we go:

favorite color: indigo
favorite animal: dogs
favorite non-alcoholic drink: chai tea, sencha
facebook or twitter: neither
getting or giving presents: both
favorite flower: wild flowers and dahlias
favorite pattern: I love all kinds of patterns but most Japanese motifs
passion: crafting, joking, walking and much more :^)
favorite number: 1000

now, here come the 5 ladies!

journal de jours
la casita

Thank you Patrice :^)


  1. oh, zo leuk ! :-)

    dat kanten-lapje is echt erg mooi.

  2. jippijei! thank you Renilde! now i won´t worry anymore even the sky is grey, i know i will have a bucket full of sunshine for days like this:)

  3. thank you Renilde! yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day here, it was sunny and 18C!!! almost Summer, I spent the day out enjoying the warm breeze and I smiled a lot and today it's grey again and cold(ish)but then, lots of sunshine again from you! :-)))

  4. hello there! i popped in from bamarik.

    i'm also a chai drinker and dog person. :)

  5. olé!
    graag gedaan!!


  6. aah, die kon ik gebruiken... terug sproetjes kweken :)
    je zonfoto is erg mooi!

  7. die laatste foto is supermooi!

  8. indigo! yes :)
    i got rays of sunshine from patrice too-
    take a look, if you have time :)

    great choices for the award!
    have a sunny weekend

  9. Those photos are lovely especially the last one.