February 26, 2012

nice :^)

I have a friend who has a special sense that comes into action
as soon as she enters a thrift store or flea market, or maybe it
is all the time in operation, I don't know :)
Anyway, she always finds the best stuff...
and occasionally I get some of her little treasures;
like these indigo fabrics, actually they're small head pillows;
we don't know were they come from, only that they are quite old.
I had a look in the Traditional Stripes & Lattices, and I would love
if they were of Japanese origin :)
I've found at least similar fabrics in the book, the shadow weave pattern
below is called 'split bamboo mat'.
The pattern looks complicated, but actually this is very simple plain weave;
I've added some extra large pictures on my flickr pages.
And for the weavers, this is an interesting site, and this one too.
Picture 3-4-8 come from the book.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Great pics:) I really like your blog..so much nice inspiration. I wish you a lovely week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  2. heel mooie patronen. En indigo blijft het mooiste blauw.

  3. That patterns and colours on the fabric looks very familiar and of traditional Japanese to me :)
    Wherever it is from, it is so beautiful.......!

  4. Wow! Your friend is amazing at finding treasures! They are just wonderful Renilde. Are you planning to rework them or use them as inspiration for your own weave? Kx

  5. thank you all :)
    to Kylie: I think I'm gonna use them as a pillow

  6. beautiful finds, I'm jealous! :D

  7. Love the white and indigo weaving structures!

  8. Wow, echt zo'n geluk-vondsten. prachtig. leuke weef-links trouwens.

  9. how lovely, what a great find!

  10. that textile is so fascinating to look at. my brain says brrr-brrrr, it looks so nice.
    pity i don´t have any idea of weaving. could be something interesting to learn. but i guess it needs quite a lot of patience..? which i might have, ehm, less... ;)

  11. http://narablog.com/page/14/
    something like this?

  12. thanks for the link! I'm almost sure now the fabrics are Japanese.

  13. i think so too