April 11, 2012

My Rhipsalis.

I went plant shopping with Mieke the other day;
never thought I would ever buy a Rhipsalis; it's not really
a favourite of mine and sometimes I think they can be depressingly
ugly; but I immediately fell in love with this specimen, maybe because
there's something very illogical about this plant;
he's even hairy, almost like spider legs, although he's not part of the
cactus family. Weird.

I also bought a sedum, but it ended between my bicycle wheel during
our ride; you can see the result on picture two :^)
What about my other sedum, I think he too is not happy ,
its leafs are discolored and make me think a bit of chilblains,
they were fresh green last year.
He may need more attention :)

But the weather was fantastic last week!

Good Night & Sweet Dreams.


  1. got the same sedum last week! but i pushed the bike so it didn´t get caught while dangling on the handle bar - yours will recover soon, they are pretty good survivers i think!

    a wonderful morning to you - maybe even a bit sunny.

  2. a perfect plant corner.

  3. Wat een mooie post. Ik heb enkele maanden geleden ook een Sedem gekocht. Wat erg dat de jouwe tussen je wielen is terecht gekomen. Hij komt er zeker bovenop.

  4. Nice pics and post ...
    I also have a rhipsalis ... it is on top of a dresser for two years, it really does not move, not growing especially ... As if he was there but not there.

    The plants you mention here, that I like too, are strange plants ... Some easily fit in our homes and others disappear quickly ...

  5. I like how you talk about your plants. As living creatures, as they are...

  6. I like these pictures so much...