July 25, 2012

Today, 2.

photo 2-3-4-5 at Katleen's garden; the blackberries are almost ready :^) 
photo 1 at my place this morning
thank you all for the sweet words on my previous post!


  1. i like your white curtain, it is very summerly soft looking.
    also like the last photo with berry(?)hanging side wise. .....good treat to my eyes this morning.
    i used to enjoy your mix wild flower pots and i did the same this year. it is so fun to see each day which flower is sprouting and blooming. did you do the mix pot this year?

    thanks for the sunshine post again.
    always love the your eyes see the world.
    have a cheerful day and hope sunshine there as it is here this morning.

  2. yes, we're having lots of sunshine last couple of days :^)
    I haven't sown a mix this year, but all sorts of flowers that are good for the bees.
    Thank you for your sweet words :^)

  3. Gorgeous berries.. and what a cheeky cat!
    Love the light through your curtain :) Kx

    1. I think I just bought a brooch from you on Etsy! How funny.

  4. Your blog is like a deep, relaxing breath every time I check in. Thank you!
    p.s. not to sound stalkerish but I'm pretty sure I just bought a brooch from the woman who commented above me. (Etsy)
    Small world.

  5. I love the entrance with the 'portable garden'- my favorite kind:)

  6. Blackberries! Some of ours are ready. I've enjoyed visiting the vines these last few days.