February 19, 2013

Yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning, everything in the garden got a fairytale edge because of the hoarfrost; the mosses on the roof of the neighbors made me think of a winter landscape covered in snow. Luckily the days begin to lengthen now and soon it will be spring :)
Warm bedsocks knitted by Anna, my mom's neighbor.


  1. Oh how beautiful! Love it :) Kx

  2. wat een pracht overal
    en dat mos op het dak.... wauw
    ja! de dagen worden langer
    de lente komt er aan
    je kunt het al horen aan
    de vogels ;^))

    fijne dag!

  3. thanks for showing your beautiful world! delicate. and cold crunchy.

  4. Oh, that's so beatiful! :)) http://pralinkablogs.blogspot.com/