May 02, 2009

children's sorrow

Not getting permission from your mom or
dad to keep a pet, can be a bitter disappoint-
ment for a child. When looking at this drawing
i almost feel the yearning and than the grief
inside the girl. That's why Saul Steinberg is one
of my top favourites.


  1. oh i have to show that to my daughter who loves cartoons, that poor girl has two parents totally allergic to anything alive with fur!

  2. But you make nice walks with her. And my ex-boyfriend once told me when he was in Berlin visiting some friends, they took him for a walk in the woods where he saw a troop of wild boars. Are they still there????

  3. yes they are plenty of them we saw one too, it got lost in a friends neighbour's garden, some say they are chasing people sometimes, everybody knows a story but nobody ever got hurt apparently...and now there are even foxes. the "wild" animals, coming back to the city, i like that idea!