May 01, 2009

Peacock & Rocket

These two needleworks are part of the ' Wormhole '
series, a work still in progress. It is because the two
complete each other so lovely, i gave them
a post for their own.

The egg is made of french knots stiches.
Nice to do, but taking up a lot of time.


  1. ...and i love your embroidery, when do you do all that wonderful crafting? it is indeed very time consuming...i always just plan or start but never finish...

  2. oh they really are lovely! ive been meaning to do some embroidery and looking at your creations is encouraging!

  3. and thank you for the visit and your sweet words on my blog. made me happy!

  4. oh, how beautiful they are! Really amazing.

  5. these are beautiful! they seem to tell a story (well to me :)

  6. Yes marie, they tell a story.
    Nice you've seen that.

  7. the most perfect graphic I have seen in a long time...
    the colours! the super-symmetry but asymmetrical composition, folkishness/ sophistication.... familiarity but mystery ne plus ultra!
    I really love it.
    just found your blog today, really excellent, thank you Renilde