May 19, 2009

To Pearl

Today Pearl , the newborn baby elephant
was again in the news because she was shown
to the public for the first time.
Sometimes it is better not to be cute.
Can't look at animals in captivity, especialy
when they're cramped for space, like here
in Antwerp Zoo.
But anyway i have to show some cute things
This yellow balloon at Mieke Willems place,
and a cute green baby car on my way home.
I had to put a lot of contrast (yes Mieke i pushed
again my favorite Drama Button) while manipu-
lating the photo to become this green, but it is
not yet green enough.
For the freaks look at Pantone nr 3395 U.


  1. die foto lijkt uit een oude film te komen.

  2. hij is getrokken aan het oude gerechtsgebouw