September 01, 2009

The remains of the summer.

I had some kind of ritual today by making little
piles of the dried petals from the bouquet up here.
That's my way to deal with autumn and winter.
I will miss mostly the summerlight, especially
early in the morning when it has a fairy-tale
beauty and producing elongated shadows
on my working table.
i will also miss the house in the summer with all
the windows open to cool down the place.
I love listening to all sorts of noises; on the street-
side i have a mix of cars passing by, playing children,
distand voices, the hammering of a do-it-yourselver,
sparrows, pigeons, swallows and magpies.
A plane coming over.
On the side of the garden there are tits, robins, wrens,
blackbirds, i could hear a song thrush for a couple of
days and i even spotted a woodpecker!
Don't need radio or music in summer, i just
listen to what the street is bringing in.

If there was a possibility to hibernate, i
would not hesitate :-)
I was of course also working on the pincushions
and the labels, you will see them in my next post.


  1. echt heel heel mooi. die stapeltjes. de herfst is ook leuk.
    paddestoelen, het bos, mooie kleuren, een warme trui, en
    nog veel meer. tot snel reinhilde x

  2. I love the little piles of dried flower petals.
    I am sad that summer is leaving us, but, we really didn't have a very good summer this year. Rainy, cloudy and cold. I hope it will be a good fall.

  3. that is a beautiful requim to summer. i love how everyone around here is saying their good byes to the wonderful and bright summer season! i love that bouquet above, too.

    *i just sent your package today! so, you will receive it hopefully by next week** i hope you enjoy.

  4. vooral september vind ik steeds opnieuw aangenaam, van het zomerse nog wat en niet te veel en de voorbodes van het knusse in de winter, spannend licht dat sterk varieert over de dag, nog niet te vroeg donker
    we kunnen zo veel uit dat zomers seizoen bewaren, zaadjes, vruchten inmaken..
    wat mooi jouw verzameling op jouw werktafel, alleen dit beeld geeft mij vandaag een fantastisch septembergevoel

  5. LoveLy post!i wish i could hibernate too, Like a marmot or a bear. but no i haveto handLe the coming winter in the coLd and probably snow in our moutains...ha! weLL there is stiLL automn to come and i do Love yeLLOw and orange leaves, blackberries and figues!
    taLk soon

  6. ma zo mooi.
    helemaal hoe ik me voel!

  7. i will keep that image of summer in my mind when wintertime gets to me x

  8. that was such a beautiful farewell for the summer!
    i`m preparing my autumn song too..
    last weekend i heard and saw a woodpecker too! i wonder if they ever have a headache? looked quite rough, that knocking on the wood;)

    ps. i have also thought about possibility to hibernate. waking up in the spring when the sun comes back again.. i must say it`s a tempting idea;)

  9. Oh I love how you've placed all those keepsakes from the garden, Renilde - it looks like a beautiful collage! :) Kylie

  10. Very cheering bouquet...beautiful colors.

  11. This is pretty bouquet! Looks like Summer is back in your house. I like the Fall better but I am going to miss greens and flowers...

    I love the sensitivity of your art work.

    Have a great weekend! oxox