December 25, 2009

Christmastime for the birds too.

This could be a birds reading of a very lavish
Christmas dinner, namely, a bunch of fat, juicy
honeybee larvae, frozen in by Willy, who is a bee-keeper
and put aside for the very cold winterdays.
The place is crawling with birds, mostly tits and
blackbirds, some robins and one nuthatch couple.
Love to watch this while having breakfast :-)

Hope everybody had a nice time last days.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the birds and the bees! Happy Holidays!

  2. I hope you had a lovely Christmas too - your photos are beautiful and just as I imagine a European Christmas must be. Here Santa trudged through beach sand and dry grass yellowed by the sun ...

  3. wat mooi gedaan! Ik zag net nog een vlaamse gaai. Fijn om zo bezoek in je tuin te krijgen.

  4. Beautiful sunflowers, nice for birds.

  5. We have many feeders and feathered visitors. The cats like to watch (from inside) especially!

  6. Vorig jaar bij de sneeuw had ik de tijd om de vogels in mijn hofje te tekenen. Verbijsterend mooi. Ik zag de gele en blauw kwikstaart, had ze nog nooit eerder gezien.
    Dan vergeet je de tijd helemaal! En dit bij het kerstontbijt. Waw.

  7. how lovely! i just came back from my parent's farm, and was loving the birds too. there were kookaburras, such great little things. birds are wonderful, thanks for a great post!