December 13, 2009


I spend a large part of the day under my blanket,
drowsing, with a crate of clementines beside me.
Browsed through my new Gaudesaboos book.
It's an imaginary story about a childrens TV-character
that was very popular in the early sixties.
It is all fake, with manipulated
photos from the Belgian TV archives, but it looks very
real, at least all the merchandising.
It feels like winter started today, freezing cold,
they forecast snow for Tuesday :-)
Are you prepared well, is your roof sufficiently
I did some extra croching!!

Briek Oranges.

I made this patchwork together with my mom,
it was my first one.

Briek Snowball.
Tuesday, remember!!!


  1. love your quilt! maybe i'll try to make one next winter

  2. In Paris, snow was today. Cold weather is here, brrrr.

  3. hoi Renilde, ik kwam net dit blog tegen (hoort ook een hele mooie site bij). Misschien ken je het al, en anders is het zeker de moeite waard om te bekijken. gaat voornamelijk over textiel uit Japan, heel bijzonder

  4. Everything was better in the 60s, my husband says. I cannot say myself, I was born in the 70s but somehow I think 60s were groovy. Even in Czechoslovakia. Oh, in Czechoslovakia, they WERE groovy.

  5. ooooh nee, sneeuw?? dan loop ik in londen op mijn sloefkes!
    ik zie je snel renilde! x x x

  6. you seemed prepared to go all out this winter.

  7. clementines and blankets, it sounds nice and cozy.

  8. We are eating lots of clementines, too. My daughter takes 3 in her lunch bag. The quilt is lovely. I like simple patchwork patterns best.

  9. schoon plaidje Renild! groetjes zje