April 15, 2010

Some of my objectives are...

... finding a convenient arrangement for my boxes
and stuff; I feel stressed by too much junk;
boxes full of textiles, wools, papers, trash and stuff
that only needs a finishing touch.
It is hard to decide what to do first :-(

...my plan is to complete one cushion a week, do you
remember this one?
I still have three to go :-)
And than...

... I hope to get my mind free so I can continue my
' Age of Discovery' and 'Wormhole' projects :-)
That's my plan.

Tomorrow I will start with the redecoration of my
new home, the moving will be half May I guess :-)

Atelier of Tomie Ohtake.


  1. very good plans I think. I also get distressed by too much things around;)

  2. Your un-cluttered mind will free you from a cluttered home :)

  3. spring is definitely in the air ;-)

    enjoy creating... and finishing

  4. i can totally understand your feelings right now, because we're about to move in to a real ( but mini size scale ) apartment at the end of april, even though i'm living in just a room right now, but because there are two of us now, so i need to decide to get rid of some of my old stuffs

    tomarrow we'll go clean up the new place !

    happy weekend, dear renilde


  5. I totally get the need for boxes, and organisation - good luck: I will be thinking of you while I am contemplating throwing out the equivalent of an entire room soon. I can't move - too much stuff. he he. :)

  6. I can absolutely understand your need to have a place for your boxes Renilde - I have a heap myself ;) Your cushion is fabulous. Good luck with finishing the others too! Kx

  7. Moving was always hard for me since there is so much work to do but then putting everything from the boxes and finding new right places for everything was always so joyful and inspiring. Right now most of my possessions are in boxes, waiting patiently for their time to come. I am afraid it will not come so soon since renovating an old house is quite a work to do...

    I am looking forward of our swap, I am happy you wanna do it.

    Enjoy settling into your new home and they say you should look it carefully when it's empty since you'll never see it with that eyes anymore. You know what I mean or what do they mean? :)))

  8. Een nieuwe start om jaloers op te zijn. Veel plezier morgen!

  9. Your cushions are so amazingly cool. The colors and whimsical shapes. I've got to learn to crochet.