April 13, 2010

The Studio, a brown story.

I'm running a small film studio :
'tea box home cinéma'...

... for it is built from an old tea box and some

Little Joe helped me with the heavy stuff, such as
pulling down some walls and ceilings and...

... installing the struts, so the whole construction
will keep upright.

I was taking care for the finishing touch and the 'looks' :-)

My speciality will be documentaries, and maybe now
and then a remake of an old classic, such as
'Gone with the Wind'
We'll see ...

Tonight we have a guest: please have a look!

Goodnight and sweet dreams :-)


  1. hee hee, that looks like such fun. Joe is a handy person to have around.

  2. what a great studio!
    joe is my man , i should say.

    and a great link as well...
    good night

  3. ahahahahahhhahahahhahahhahhhah you really make me laugh, I love this story and little joe!
    and love the cinema will you show Nuovo Cinema Paradiso as well?
    good night little dreamer and sleep tight!
    and don't let the bad bugs eat your veggies!

  4. oh yes, Cinema Paradiso Remake, that must be fun!! big kiss :-)

  5. Somehow this reminds me of The Indian in the Cupboard. Do you know that story?

  6. this is so great! it too reminded me of "indian in the cupboard".

  7. hope he served you some of that rhum :)

  8. to rebecca and lovely world: I googled The Indian in the Cupboard, how striking!! I've never heart about this movie but I would love to see it; the trailer is so cool! thanks a lot for the tip :-)

  9. wat zit ik weer in mijn vuistje te lachen...

  10. Wow! Little Joe is a handy one, isn't he?! Good help is hard to find ;) And you have David Attenborough as a guest?!!! That's a big wow (hehe!) Fun at your place tonight I think! Kx

  11. weer geweldig :)

  12. super studio i say! that´s a cinema i adore:)