September 16, 2013


just some pictures of home; love the colors of the fall...
and looking forward to go mushroom hunting :)


  1. your photos are always so lovely : )

  2. wat een fijne plaatjes
    net als de foto's die ik laatst zag van je nieuwe thuis
    gemaakt door Eefje de Conick

    fijne dag!
    Patrice A.

  3. the plant on the right looks like antlers :)

  4. I love your staghorn fern!!! I just got my first one, I have been lusting after it for so long. I plan to mount it on a board and hang in the bathroom on the wall... They are so magnificent! I am also looking to get a rabbit foot fern, soon... but my husband thinks they are "too creepy" :)

    (Does yours have a name? ;) Ours is called "Fred")

  5. i googled the rabbit foot fern, it looks too creepy for me as well; the roots are too similar to the legs of a tarantula
    I do not need to tell you that spiders scare me to death :^)

    to Evdokia: that's why they're called 'staghorn';
    the funny thing is that they're often hung on the wall as a hunting trophy :^)

  6. I just bumped into your blog, by recommendation from Marion from homecollection, I can't stop flicking through the pages, it's so lovely :)

  7. I love the white bag !
    It's a very beautiful one.

  8. thank you!

    to suzan: the bag is irish crochet