September 29, 2013


I went for a walk this afternoon to the botanical garden in the center of Antwerp; inside this garden there's a prairie garden that I wanted to see again after I had read an article about Piet Oudolf in an old issue of Elle Decoration;
I'm an admirer of Oudolf's gardens, especially the prairie gardens cause they are constantly changing

Bart & Pieter and interview at coffeeklatch 

the koi were not part of de prairie garden, but I liked them and I think they fit well 
more Oudolf


  1. thanks! I just learnt so much from this short post of yours. never heard of oudolf before, and I found his style/art very interesting.

  2. o ja, Piet Oudolf
    een grote favoriet van mij!
    en zo passend bij jouw wereld

    Patrice A.