September 20, 2013

my cluttered house 2013

Same props and furniture, the same mess as a year ago, only the place and the plants have changed; eyecatcher of the room now is the papyrus, a giant bush that doesn't stop making new shoots and needs two liters of water everyday; the lavender and horntree, left in the picture have grown substantially; the staghorn on the right is about the same. Newcomers are the sansevieria - a gift from a friend when I moved in here - and some cacti (not in the picture)
The plant left on the cabinet is my young monstera which is doing very well.
The shoots of the aloë urgently need some soil.
For the last few weeks, I'm almost constantly working to get my orders on time, hence the mess in the house :^)
a bunch of new cushions coming up!!

Happy weekend all :^)


  1. I know I'm not alone when I say that I
    like your clutter!

  2. your home looks wonderful,love all your plans

    enjoy your weekend

  3. i think it's a beautifull mess!
    beautiful plants
    and your new cushion is lovely!
    wish you a good sunday!

  4. Doesn't even look messy to me...

    such nice colors. Always.

  5. the mess of the creative...all look great, love the new cushion!

  6. wow, your home is perfectly balanced. i love it.